May not be popular belief but have to say …1st…question:

You really that mad yet? Or Nah?

Bc this honestly just feels like a heightened dialogue exchange with no mention of how to move past the temporality based mindset.
…is it just for these 2 days this time, this week for you, til’ the end of this year this time (which is only next month) What?
I see all of your “Black Friday Boycott Solutions”…even the “Buy Black instead solution” (nice counter suggestion even btw), “be mindful of “their” judgement of your appearance solution” etc, etc. But while it’s all a start, it requires more of a disciplinary act of laboring & consistency in these areas++. I’m a facts person and you see what happens when we show this camaraderie & consistency at the polls vs. not. (WE get 8yrs in office, JS)
…this is why I rarely comment on these situations as DISGUSTED as I am with the outcome & notion that this “justice system” is simply just not designed to protect people of color. Our culture’s level of ignorance and inability to commit & stand for something long enough to reap more permanent results (as our former generation did) sometimes is just as much a disgrace honestly. #ThinkBeyondTheMoment #WeAreMoreOfOurEnemy #ThanThem #UntilWeTruly
#DecideOtherwise #GiveYourAttention
#NotTheProblemBehindTheProblem (Savage rioting🚷)


-Closing. Man…do I hate long post but in wrapping it up…gotta’ say this one about brought me to tears knowing you can surrender, w/ no weapon, hands in the air & still be shot multiple times due to pure & hateful unacceptability, wrongful unwarranted, judgement of a highly devalued race of people…And no matter what you do out of anger, it’s a repeated walk for them. Boy are propagandists sending a “shrug” of a power message… Speechless, lump in the throat emotion…really sitting in the pit of my stomach & tugging at my heart strings…#WakeUp #FishburneYell
#Ferguson #MikeBrown #TrayvonMartin 💔 🙏

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